The Future is Bright for D1


for Santa Cruz District 1

I’m Dave, a proud product of this community. I was raised here, I currently work here, and I’m eager to serve and work for the betterment of our community by representing District 1 on the Santa Cruz City Council.

Dave Tannaci standing in a circle with a group of volunteers

Throughout my life, I've embraced the values of keen observation and an open heart, learning from those around me from a young age.

I’ve had a diverse range of experiences, including work in Food Service, Education, Child Development, Healthcare, Construction, and Wildlife Biology, which has culminated in my current role at the City of Santa Cruz Water Department.

My education and field experience as a Biologist have given me a deep understanding of Environmental Justice and Sustainability, which are vital issues in our community.

I’m committed to preserving our environment for future generations and ensuring that Santa Cruz remains a sustainable and vibrant place to live.

My years as a laborer have instilled in me a strong work ethic and a drive to represent the voices of working families in our community. I’m dedicated to promoting respect and dignity for all residents and making sure that the conversation of inclusion is at the forefront of our discussions.

In my current role at the City of Santa Cruz Water Department, I play a crucial part in maintaining an essential resource for our community. I am deeply involved in adapting to the challenges posed by a changing climate and population growth. My responsibilities include reviewing, inspecting, and installing water services for our growing city.

My unique position close to the mechanical process of Design, Permitting, State Mandates, Objective Standards, Planning, and Development equips me with the knowledge to understand the channels that can provide housing opportunities for everyone in our community.

I’m committed to addressing the pressing issue of housing and working to ensure that everyone has a place to call home in Santa Cruz.

I believe that together, we can create a brighter future for Santa Cruz. I’m dedicated to representing District 1 on the Santa Cruz City Council and working tirelessly to make our community a place where everyone can thrive. Join me on this journey towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous Santa Cruz.

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Consistency is key. ✨ #votedavetannaci #santacruz

Consistency is key. ✨ #votedavetannaci #santacruz ...